AliExpess: Affordable Fitness Tracker Option or Unreasonable Risk?

There is no surprise that each person wants to make his or her workout maximum effective. Luckily, there are tools on the market that can help us do that. One of these devices is a fitness tracker. There are expensive ones as well as affordable options. However, a lot of people wonder if it is a good idea to buy a cheap fitness tracker from a famous website AliExpress. Let’s review all the pros and cons.

Advantages of Purchasing a Device on AliExpress:

1.  It is very cheap 

There is no doubt that the main reason that people use the website is incredibly low prices. It attracts a lot of people who do not want to spend a lot of money on a simple gadget as a fitness tracker.

2.  The variety of products is huge

Another advantage of AliExpress is the variety of products that it offers to the clients. You will find hundreds of fitness trackers of different price and functionality. Each person will be able to choose a suitable option. 

Disadvantages of Purchasing a Device on AliExpress:

1.  Quality of the devices

Many people say that after buying a fitness tracker on the website, they were very disappointed in the quality. Sometimes the delivered device is completely different from the one on the site. 

2.  Long delivery

Another significant drawback of AliExpress is a time of delivery. It is true that it can be relatively fast, around 2 weeks, but often it takes up to 2 months. No client will want to wait for the purchased item for that long.

3.  There is no guarantee that the device is original

As many people have already realized, AliExpress is famous for selling fakes of famous items. For example, when it comes to fitness trackers, AliExpress offers many Mi Fit Bands by Xiaomi. Nevertheless, it is most likely that it will be a fake. There can also be no guarantee that the device will work well and have all the functions. 

4.  Complicated return policy

It is true that if a client did not like the purchased item, it can be returned. However, the procedure is very complicated and can take a month. Many people simply do not want to spend their time disputing the order. 

5.  It can be easier to buy a fitness tracker from an official source

The main advantage of AliExpress is a low price point. However, luckily today there are hundreds of affordable fitness tracker options on the market. You can buy a device from an official retailer and be sure that it is going to be a useful tool during the workouts. 

To sum everything up, there is no unambiguous answer to whether to buy a fitness tracker from AliExpress or no. Take the advantages and disadvantages of today’s article to make a responsible choice for yourself. 

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