Are trampolines dangerous?

Which parent was not mesmerized to watch their child jump happily on a trampoline? And which, after the first taste, did not agree to accompany him over and over again in the area of the inflatable park dedicated to this fun? Not to mention the toddler trampoline which every child also wants to have in the backyard. Children consider their parents the best when they buy different toys.… Cheerful parents to see the happiness of the child, therefore, but also a little uneasy: the feeling is that the accident is behind the child. corner when the child exaggerates in the dives or, worse when on the same carpet he jumps with a friend.

And that trampolines can be dangerous, causing bruises, fractures and head injuries is now a scientifically established reality. A study carried out for the American Academy of Pediatrics, which will be published in October in «Pediatrics», says that they would have caused almost 100,000 injuries in 2009 in the United States alone, with 3,100 hospitalization episodes and an evident greater risk for children. smaller.

To sign the research is the team of Susannah Briskin, of the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. The researchers are convinced, among other things, that the fact of adding nets around trampolines is useless in terms of safety. In parents, however, the network induces tranquility. What is certain is that many companies that market these products reassure the public by presenting networks as protection that increases security.

Then, according to the study, 75% of injuries occur when more than one child jumps on a trampoline. In one case out of 200 accidents cause permanent neurological damage and American pediatricians have no doubts: children should be prohibited from jumping on trampolines, a game that is too dangerous (even for adults!).

The young are more exposed to the danger of incurring significant injuries, including fractures of the legs and even injuries to the spine. “Although most injuries consist of sprains, tears, bruises or other soft tissue injuries, younger children seem more prone to bone injuries,” explain the researchers. The manufacturers’ safety recommendations always advise adult supervision when children play on a garden trampoline: yet, states the American study, from one third to half of the accidents occurred under the gaze of mom or dad.

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