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    GymWatch is coming, the first fitness tracker for the gym

    It cannot be said that there is a shortage of fitness trackers, for some months now! These new smart bracelets are able to monitor heartbeats, steps, altitude, distance traveled, pouring data into statistics, and roadmaps.

    GymWatch, however, is something different: the new German-made wearable accessory, released on the market towards the end of November, will also allow gym lovers to be able to keep their training sessions under control.

    It is in fact the first and only fitness tracker capable of accurately measuring the wide spectrum of body movements involved in any type of gym machine. With 900 pre-set exercises, GymWatch is a sort of real-time personal coach, who helps people perform their workouts correctly to maximize results.

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    Reasons to Always Monitor Pulse Rate While Running

    There is no arguing that sport should be an irreplaceable part of like for each person who wants to stay healthy and live a long life. However, professionals and doctors always recommend doing thorough research before any activities to avoid doing any harm. For example, not all people know that monitoring the pulse is a must for several important reasons. 

    1.  It helps to determine the intensity

    People should realize that pulse rate cannot and will not always be the same. For example, in your resting period, the pulse will be lower than during running. Moreover, running can differ in intensity. And that is why pulse rate will be a good indicator of the quality of your running.

    2.  It can prevent fainting and other health issues

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    Top Mistakes People Make While Choosing a Fitness Tracker

    It is pretty obvious that it is impossible not to use technological devices in our modern world. They help us in different aspects of life. The fitness tracker is a popular device among people who workout and exercise regularly. However, how to choose a perfect gadget. Let’s review the main mistakes people make while choosing and purchasing a fitness tracker. 

    1.  Not Conducting a Research

    Many people make impulsive purchases without getting the whole picture. Fitness trackers are not an exception. Before buying one, a person needs to make sure that he is familiar with the characteristics of the device. Moreover, it is always better to consider your fitness goals and then buy a tracker that will help you along the way.