Do you know the 10 benefits you should buy a fitness tracker for? We’ll tell you!

  • Personal Responsibility – Unless you use social media with your fitness, the only person you are really competing with is yourself! Fitness trackers keep track of your goals and progress, psychologically encouraging you to take more steps than you did yesterday; run faster than you did yesterday; sustain that peak heart rate a little longer.
  • Research shows that wearing a fitness tracker – even if it’s just a basic pedometer! – can increase a user’s activity levels by 30 percent!
  • Custom Goals – Run 5km but are you looking to move to 10k and finally the half marathon? Have you not gone for a walk in your university area since you graduated? Either way, most fitness trackers have realistic workouts, tips, and goals that you can set for yourself. It makes sense before running the half marathon that you can run at least 5km and 10km.
  • All about you! – Let’s face it, there is a lot of anxiety in being able to train well in the gym. Whether you go regularly or haven’t been there for a while, the gym can be unnerving for many people. “Am I doing it well? Are they watching me? Will I be mocked? These are all questions that many of us have faced at least once.
  •  Fitness trackers, on the other hand, are a “crutch” – not in the wrong, but in the sense that you can rely on them and be aware that you are training for yourself. Whether you decide to train at home, in the park or in the gym, the fitness tracker is with you and reminds you of your goals, a great thing to focus on when your nerves hit you.
  • Financial motivation – Many fitness tracker models have a retail price of over 100 euros. For many, this can be so much for a small band that wraps around the wrist and shows information that most athletes do not need to know to motivate them to train. But this is part of that psychological encouragement. Investing in a fitness tracker makes you want to use it.
  • Updated weight loss tool – while you are busy beating and keeping your personal best, you may not even notice the gains (or well, the losses) that you are making in your weight goal. Or you can. Regardless, seeing your activity levels, noting if you are in the correct heart rate zone, and comparing your weight on the scale after a few weeks can determine whether or not you are on the right path to achieving your desired weight.
  • Group dynamics – while personal motivation is ultimately a key component of physical activity, many people also enjoy the benefits of posting their activities on social media, and many fitness tracker apps promote connecting with other fitness trackers in your area, creating training groups, and challenges.
  • Incentives promote activity in the workplace – Fitness is no longer a hobby or an individual habit. Workplaces are involved in encouraging employees to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle with many incentives. A software company, for example, promised to reimburse employees for the cost of their fitness tracker if they had walked a million steps – and employees were taking advantage of all the free time they had to travel. An insurance company started a program in which they would pay their employees € 1 for each day they passed a step goal. If your company still doesn’t agree with these incentives, try launching the idea! Having healthier employees also reduces costs for companies!
  • Variety of trackers – as a wide range of fitness trackers are available, a curious consumer can easily determine which features they want most on their tracker. GPS may not be necessary if you know the distance of the path you normally travel; the same for the heart rate function if you have a watch and can monitor your heart rate yourself. Let’s say that they are fully customizable.
  • Everything you need in one – once you’ve determined the features you need for your fitness tracker, you’re ready to go. It is not necessary to open an app; most trackers will automatically synchronize the tracking activity via Bluetooth on your smartphone. If not, some trackers have the option of being connected manually to a computer via USB to upload information. A charge at night or while connected to a laptop can be enough to keep many trackers active during the day – and for some, even for a whole year!
  • You sleep too! – Before to monitor the quality of your sleep you had to sleep in a laboratory with wires connected all over to determine if you were in REM sleep or

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