Fitness tracker: 5 good reasons to use one!

Fitness bracelets are, today more than ever, on the crest of the wave: more and more people choose them as accessories to be used every day, but is it a passing fashion or a revolution destined to last? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: fitness trackers are devices that, if used correctly, can make a difference in our lifestyle: discover the five main advantages!

1) Monitor your vital signs

A very useful feature of fitness tracker smartwatches is represented by the possibility of monitoring their body parameters both in real-time and in the form of average data. One above all, the heartbeat: it is a parameter that, of course, varies according to the activity you are carrying out and which can provide useful information on your health. Smartwatch fitness

For example, a high resting heart rate may be an indication of stress, while monitoring this parameter during physical activity is useful for athletes since staying in a certain heartbeat interval can affect the quality of the heart. training and its effectiveness.

2) Check the distance traveled and the calories burned

On the market there are both fitness trackers with integrated GPS and devices to connect to your smartphone that count the steps and, at the same time, keep track of your position and distance traveled. The data collected allow you to know the length of the routes, whether it is a bicycle ride, a walk with the dog, or even a swim in the middle of nature (in the latter case using, of course, a resistant activity tracker water).

Another important issue is that losing weight, gaining weight, or staying in one’s own weight is influenced by two main factors: the difference between calories ingested and calories burned. Fitness trackers allow you to estimate calorie consumption and thus count on an additional weapon to stay in shape.

3) Find out how you sleep

Modern fitness trackers are equipped with sensors that allow you to monitor the way you sleep fairly accurately. Not only the total hours of rest, but also the quality of sleep itself, or the alternation between deep and light sleep: thanks to these devices, you can consult detailed information on your health and adopt appropriate strategies to rest better.

4) Stop sedentary lifestyle

Many activity trackers have a simple function, but in some ways “ingenious”: when you are standing still for too long, for example while sitting at your desk during working hours, these watches vibrate at regular intervals to indicate that the time to stretch your legs. A fitness tracker watch of this type is therefore useful for those who perform sedentary work and want to take care of the circulation of their legs.

5) Always stay connected

Android and iOS are the most popular operating systems and the fitness trackers on the market can be paired easily with smartphones. By doing so, you can receive real-time notifications on your watch when messages or phone calls arrive: a nice convenience, which avoids having to always keep your phone at hand.

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