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GymWatch is coming, the first fitness tracker for the gym

It cannot be said that there is a shortage of fitness trackers, for some months now! These new smart bracelets are able to monitor heartbeats, steps, altitude, distance traveled, pouring data into statistics, and roadmaps.

GymWatch, however, is something different: the new German-made wearable accessory, released on the market towards the end of November, will also allow gym lovers to be able to keep their training sessions under control.

It is in fact the first and only fitness tracker capable of accurately measuring the wide spectrum of body movements involved in any type of gym machine. With 900 pre-set exercises, GymWatch is a sort of real-time personal coach, who helps people perform their workouts correctly to maximize results.

How does it work

The GymWatch sensor is worn near the muscles of the arms or legs. Using inertial sensors including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer, it allows you to record the intensity and direction of the movements of the limbs on the vertical and horizontal axes. The measures it detects are really precise and useful for those who do the gym seriously.

It will be possible to quantify the explosive, maximal, and resistant strength, the time under tension of eccentric and concentric muscle contractions, and many other variables so dear to gym enthusiasts. Through smart Bluetooth, the data is then sent to the appropriate application (iOS and Android) or possibly to the computer, to receive real-time feedback on the quality of the exercises that are taking place. Just like a personal trainer, in fact.

For example, GymWatch may correct you if you do the bench exercises too quickly or too quickly, then giving you both verbal and visual advice on how to modify the exercise, at what pace to perform it, and with what posture.

The GymWatch user can decide to follow a personalized training plan by choosing between different preset sessions, or alternatively he can choose the free mode to have only general supervision. A mode called “Routine-mode” is also available, which will allow you to set specific exercises to strengthen certain muscle areas, such as the abs or biceps, to be repeated for a certain period of time.

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