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    Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker: Unreliable Detections Study

    Smartwatches and, more generally, all commercially available fitness trackers are used by an increasing number of people to keep track of their sports performance. However, the information recorded by these wearables does not always turn out to be reliable and close to the reality of the facts.

    A study by the Consumer Council of Hong Kong examined the data collected by professional measuring instruments and compared them with those shown by 17 smartwatches and 3 smart bands sold in China, trying to cover all price ranges – from that economic to the most expensive.

    The result was more disconcerting than we could have imagined with discrepancies that even exceeded 88% regarding the count of calories burned. In this specific case, only two models provided a number of calories with a margin of error of less than 10% when monitoring daily activities, and only one during walking.