Top Options of Fitness Trackers for Running

There is no doubt that in our highly technological world, using modern devices in all aspects of our life has become a regular thing. The sports industry is not an exception. One of the most popular devices is definitely a fitness tracker. How to define this gadget and its functions? Well, it is a device that is used in different kinds of activities and sport to monitor certain aspects. But how to choose a good one? In this article, you will find a review of the best options of fitness trackers for jogging.

1.  Apple Watch

It is the first in our list as it is the most popular by far. It has all the necessary functions for running. For example, it can instantly measure the heart rate which is a key metric in jogging. Moreover, it will show the distance that you ran as well as the time it took. Apple Watch will also show the number of burnt calories. It is an expensive option, by the majority of owners appreciate it as a useful gadget.

2.  Mi Band 3

Unlike the Apple watch that is an expensive option, Mi Band 3 by Xiaomi is very affordable. It has all the necessary functions for running. For example, it can also measure heart rate. It will also monitor the distance and burned calories if synchronized with a phone. In this perspective, this is a perfect option for an affordable working fitness tracker. 

3.  Fitbit Charge 2

The next option on our list has become a favorite device for many runners. It has a moderate price for which you will get a number of great functions. Fitbit has GPS and Pace Tracker that is essential in jogging. It can, of course, measure the heart rate and even sleep which is a nice bonus. It can also monitor different kinds of activities such as running, weight-training, and even yoga. 

4.  Moov Now

This fitness tracker will also be a good option for runners. Besides having a powerful battery, it can instantly start tracking different activities like workout or running. As well as the other choices in our list, it can easily monitor heart rate and show the dynamic after synchronizing with a smartphone. 

5.  Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro 

The last fitness tracker on our list is Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. It has a moderate price and offers a wide range of functions. First of all, it can measure the number of steps as well as distance. You will also see the number of burned calories during the process. 

Considering this, there are a lot of good options of fitness trackers for running on the market. Check out our five top options and there is no doubt that you will find a perfect device for you.

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